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Gay Rights

Is anyone as tired as I am of hearing from the Gay Rights Advocates and their whining about being discriminated against when people express objections to same-sex marriages?  Columnist Steve Chapman recently was quoted in a recent Florida newspaper editorial (12-21-11) where he suggested that polls this past year indicated more Americans support same-sex marriages than oppose it.  I can only guess the survey was compiled in San Francisco, because neither Christians nor Muslims in America support same-sex marriage, and I'm pretty sure those two factors, alone, far outnumber any supporters outside the Gay community. Simply defined in most dictionaries, marriage is: 1. a. The legal union of a man and woman as husband and wife. b. Wedlock. 2. A wedding. 3. A close union. That third definition about "close union" came about, and is intended to define a working relationship between two different forces, items or relationships. It is not a definition to be used for same-sex relationships. The word for same sex is "homosexual". If the homosexuals want the protection given by law for marriages, they need only to draft a legally binding contract and have both parties sign it. They do not need to try and redefine marriage and the family unit that has been recognized throughout history.

Basically homosexuals already have the same "rights" as all Americans, and I support those rights and protections under American law.However, everyone needs to keep in mind that discrimination exists as a human trait and there are no laws that will stop it.Life and people discriminate naturally.Republicans are wary of Democrats.Conservatives think liberals are bleeding hearts!Professionals such as doctors, lawyers and engineers generally make more money than the average nine-to-five working person, because education levels discriminate between lower and higher degrees.If you go to a corporate job interview in a sleeveless t-shirt, displaying an arm full of tattoos and a face full of piercings, I can assure you that you will be judged and discriminated against from the person who comes to their interview in a three-piece suit, even if your resume' shows you to actually be more qualified.Why?  Because dressed in the former manner makes a statement about your willingness to become part of a team and conform to the same rules as everyone else ... and that's just one of the negative statements you'd be making by showing up dressed like that for an interview.

In recent years, society, in the pursuit of selfish and unsavory behavior, has tried to justify and gain acceptance by re-naming their actions.Adultery is now "an affair".Homosexuality is now referred to as an "alternate life style" or "sexual orientation".Right now, there is a bill before Congress that says schools should start specifically teaching about different sexual orientations and how it is acceptable, normal, and should not result in discrimination or those people being treated differently.Again, this is an effort by the Gay Rights advocates to change society's views.Each step in this direction removes a brick from the very foundation of historic American family values and traditions.It's also one of the steps outlined in the Communist Manifesto to be used to eventually destroy America and all this nation has stood for since its beginning.

Just recently, when the actions of some major sports coaches revealed inappropriate behavior involving young males under their direction, did anyone point out that their actions were also homosexual in nature? At what point will these Sexual Rights advocates push for the age of consent to be lowered to accommodate pedophiles and sexual predators.The presence of homosexuals in society has been documented throughout history.It's only recently that they have seen fit to attack the values of normal families and sexual relations, by having parades in which their sexual and pornographic displays force mothers to shield their children's eyes.It is only recently that they have openly attacked the sanctity ofholy matrimony, as has been defined and blessed through the centuries by a multitude of religions."Don't Ask And Don't Tell" is a good common- sense policy that needs to continue within the military as well as in polite society.