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The Meaning of Life

The meaning of life is not in the monetary or physical things of this world that we leave to others as we pass through this life.  It's that part of us that we give to family, friends, and associates with whom we interact every day. The monetary accumulations and physical things of one's life, when left behind, will eventually fade into infinity with no value whatsoever.  However, the gift of memories, your time, compassion, shared love, thoughts, and guidance will be carried on by those to whom you gave them. Those who receive that gift from us, will in turn, share many of those same gifts with others who will follow.  The gift of yourself to others today, will be the gift they pass along to others tomorrow. It is basically the gift of love. It is the ONLY gift that will never die.  It is truly the gift of eternal life that was shared and revealed to us by God himself.  Why is it that so many still question the meaning of life?