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SEPTEMBER 11, 2001

In the present day, and probably for the next decade, it would be impossible to write very much about politics, government, and the common people without saying something about what happened on 9/11.

I hope the time never comes when simply saying 9/11 will require further explanation. It was a tragedy that America needs to never forget. Pearl Harbor should stand to remind us that we must keep our military strong and ready to defend us against those who would conquer and enslave the free peoples of the world. 9/11 needs to remind us that our love and support for freedom and a non dictatorial or military state of government also make us very vulnerable from within.

The American resolve against outside threats and those who would openly and without warning attack us, is basically beyond the comprehension of the rest of the world, save maybe the Brits and Canadians. These other nations and peoples perceive us as weak, disjointed, abusive and unappreciative. Because they do not know freedom as we know it, it is impossible for them to understand. Freedom may appear disjointed and weak because we always seem to be arguing amongst ourselves. What they don’t understand is that our freedom to disagree is the very thing upon which we all do agree … and that we will very quickly unite and make any sacrifice necessary to protect that freedom!

Yet, in the protection of our freedom, we do need to learn where to draw the line in what we refer to as an individual’s rights. We can not allow the rights of a single individual or a small group or individuals, to threaten the security and well being of the many. An example being: how we are adverse to what we call profiling when looking for criminals or terrorists. Common sense says you don’t go looking to catch fish on dry land. If we know that we are threatened by Arabs, then we need to look more closely at every Arab. If the threat were from Space Aliens we would not need to be checking out old ladies boarding airplanes.  Certainly, some of those being profiled are loyal American citizens or guests, but they also need to be tolerant of the fact that if their homeland is out to do us harm then we need to take those extra precautions, which may inconvenience them, but are designed to protect them and the rest of the country they have adopted or are here enjoying.

We do not need to allow the objections of a few, to infringe on the heritage of the nation. If anyone is offended by the American Flag, The Pledge of Allegiance, The Star Spangled Banner being played, or any other American patriotic gesture, they can keep their mouth shut or leave! This is a nation made of MANY, for the MANY … not the FEW!

It is now quite obvious that there are people in the world that want to blame America for all the world's problems and that killing us is their perceived solution.  If we learn anything from 9/11, we need to learn that our kind of freedom is the envy of all who are oppressed and many are willing to die to either have it themselves, or take it away from us.  This nation has already sacrificed the lives of many in order to keep that freedom.  However, we must always be ever watchful for those who are equally as willing to do the same, in order to take it away.